Esse texto foi escrito para os  integrantes da banda RAGE AGAIST THE MACHINE. Vou tentar através, dos canais que a internet me fornece, que ele chegue ao conhecimento dos caras da banda.

Hi Zack, Tom, Tim and Brad.

First of all I want to say that I’m a big fan of yours.

My name is Pedro Maia. I study advertisement, I’m 27 years old, I’m Brazilian from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. My town is about 415 miles away from Maeda Farm where the SWU event happened.

I must tell you that this concert that happened on the last October 9th was just the most expected of my entire life. In the moment I found out that you guys were getting back in 2007 I’ve felt that cold in my stomach, that was my chance to see you guys playing becoming true.

I said to my brother “they can come anywhere in Latin America that I’ll be there, even if I have to sell a kidney to do it” (of course the kidney part was a joke, but I’m not a rich guy and that is just to figure how much I wished for this moment).

I’m a big rock’n roll fan, I’ve went to others big events of others famous bands before, but I must say that RAGE AGAISNT THE MACHINE’s concert always seemed like my biggest dream. I always thought that once I saw you guys playing, my life in matters of rock’n roll and music would be fulfilled.

Unfortunately guys the thing didn’t went this way.

Lots of things that happened in the SWU (Start with You) event made me very disappointed.

I’ll name some of them below.

The festival was supposed to be to people who paid to be there and also something in favor of sustainability and care with nature, but what I saw was:

About the concert and the area inside the festival:

Getting closer to the stage was just an impossible task. You saw by yourselves the problems and panic when one grid fell off, hurting some people, the concert even had to be stopped and Zack had to ask to the crowd to step backward before the show could go on.

Thinking about my personal health I agreed to stay farther then I really wished. Once I went not too far from the VIP area (which was between the stage and the most of the crowd) I discovered that the sound was just too low.

Once I’d found a place to stay not too far from the stage and not too happy with the volume of the sound what do I see? Nothing, because the towers with the sound mixer and other stuffs was just in front of the crowd making it impossible to see from there. Also in front of your fans (the most people that was there) was a camera man from “Rede Globo” filming the show so people at home could watch instead of us who paid to be there.

About the sustainability:

Not even one trash can in the abusive 2 kilometers trail between the parking lot and the entrance of the festival and with one special detail in this complain, the parking lot of the VIP area was just behind the stage.(I think that is clear that I went with the “common” people and not with VIP ones)

Not a single trash can inside the event area, I know it was probably there but I didn’t saw more than two. All the garbage were thrown in the ground, and at the end of the show, piles and piles of cans, plastic cups, and non recyclable paper used to wrap the food could be seen all over the place (I don’t believe that is a sustainability thought).

In the trail back to the parking lot the illumination was generated, don’t be too chocked, by oil generators or other fuel made by petroleum.

About the prices:

Very high prices like one beer can costing R$7.00, one bottle of water with 300 ml was R$6.00, one soda can was R$6.00.

One dollar is coasting something about R$1.70, so make the count by yourselves and see how abusive the prices was (I think that abusive prices and focus only on profit is very far of the idea of sustainability).

About political movements (something very serious):

Unfortunately one of the main sponsors of the event were the “Rede Globo”. You guys probably already heard about it and if you did, I don’t have much to say, you know by yourselves the evil empire that they are. The other main sponsor was Coca-Cola (I believe I don’t need to say nothing about this one).

Well what happened there was:

When you were playing and the sound mysteriously fell down, the Rede Globo Camera, that was filming and showing everything live for people at home, focused at a “regular” guy at the crowd with a flag showing a picture of the candidate Dilma Rousseff with a red clown nose and the word “FAKE” below it and soon after that a Brazilian flag. Globo is supporting the candidate José Serra who’s defending the interests of the rich minority. (I don’t have to say much about do I?)

Other political manipulation was the fact that when Tom put the MST (Movimento dos Sem Terra) cap the transmission for the people at home mysteriously fell down.

I have no doubt that if you ask they’ll deny but I’m sure that those things were not casualties.

I must say that I don’t think those things are your fault, and you are not guilty at all about the disorganization and the focus only in the profit of the organizers of the event, and I know that these complains are more for then than to you but in other hand I know you are responsible people, engaged in taking care of the world, defending the people interests and weak minorities and I must say that (not just you guys) is everyone’s job to know where we’re getting into and also not accepting things that we don’t agree.

I still the big fan I’ve stated above, I still believe in you RATM and I still loyal to many of your ideas. I hope not to loose it.

Please don’t change who you are, don’t stop being, along with others, one of the responsible for my revolutionary thoughts.

Thank you guys and for all the things I’ve said about you, I really hope some answer.

P.S.: I know that some time has passed since the concert but my english is a little dusty and that’s why I took so long. Yet on this issue, I apologize for grammatical errors.

“I don’t stay in line

I don’t believe in lies

I don’t bow down to the flag….”

Pedro Maia

The Music for these text, of course, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – Bullet In The Head

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  1. André Says:

    Man, o blog está cada vez melhor.
    Excelente e triste relato, no caso do festival. Tomara chegue aos caras, e tomara eles tenham mantido alguns de seus valores.
    Muitos dos herois que não morreram de overdose se venderam. E não estou falando de melhorar de vida, ganhar grana e ficar rico. Estou falando de, no caminho para isso, o cara vender também seu caráter.
    Sustentabilidade hoje virou negócio, e como em qualquer negócio, tem gente boa, mas tem muita bandidagem.

    Quanto ao SWU, “bola na rede…”

    Um abraço

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